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1964  Class Pictures

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8th Grade (Rm. 16) 1964 Class

Front Row: Ron Quantance, David Bradbury, David Buchanan, William (Billy) Lee, Robert Knott, David Malmor, Margaret Green, Betty Mathistad.
Second Row: Miss Olive Bennison, Teacher, Bonnie Bro, Linda (Suzy) Durham, Carol Zumhoff ?, George (Buddy) Craig, Sandy Anderson, Donald Lowery, Clifford Brower, Suzanne Franks, Carol Teufert.
Back Row: Robert Minnix, Gloria Allen, Christine Flathers, Earnest Finnie, Gregory Clarke, Roy Dahlen, Karyn Lindquist, Betty Harn.

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7th Grade 1964 Class

Front Row: Jeffery (Doc) Wood, Beverly Ando, David Buchanan, Sandy Anderson, William (Billy) Lee, Robert Knott, Julie Maruyama.
Second Row: Mrs. Perry, Teacher, Jack Huey, Earnest Finnie, Carol Teufert, Karen Castle, Debra Hueser, Suzanne Franks.
Back Row: Denny Mowbray, Bruce Todd, Jon Keevy, Laurel Lennox?, Douglas Anstine, Carol Revious?, Gloria Allen

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6th Grade 1964 Class

Front Row: Karen Castle, Judy Hart, Marilyn Bennett, ?.
Second Row: Ron Quantance, Jeff Wood, Roy Dahlen, Mark Wisemen, Clifford Brower, Ron Chisholm, James Echols
Third Row: Miss Weed, Teacher, Debra Hueser, Gail Smith, Sandra Horton, ?, Karyn Lindquist, Sandy Anderson, Laurel Lennox.
Back Row: Robert (Bob) Olgelsby, Robert (Bob) Woolery, Greg Clarke, Robert (Bob) Minnix, Earnest Finnie, Harvey Norris, Jon Keevy.
Teachers:  Miss Weed & Mrs. Geist

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5th Grade #II 1964 Class

Front Row: Judy Hart, Diana Ellis, Carol Teufert, Bea Ellen Jacobson, Thersa Peterson, Karen Castle, Beverly Ando, Betty Mullin, Laurel Lennox, Kristen Larson.
Second Row: Leslie Kirihara, Clifford Brower, Jeff Wood, Gloria Allen, Sandra Horton, Debra Hueser, Loralee Ohde, Kathy Franks, Donald Lowery, David Malmor, Ron Chisholm.
Back Row: Miss Kallabers, Ron Quantance, Gorden Bisset, Jon Keevy, Harvey Norris, David Greve, John Alice, ?, Mrs. Gloria Nelson

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4th Grade #II 1964 Class

Front Row: Judy Hart, Gloria Allen, Kathy Franks, Bea Ellen Jacobson, Carol Teufert, Sandra Horton, Karen Castle.
Second Row: Ron Quantance, Laurel Lennox, Loralee Ohde, Diana Ellis, Debra Hueser, Ron U, Jon Keevy.
Back Row: David Greve, Harvey Norris, John Alice, ?, Donald Lowery, Clifford Brower, Leslie Kirihara, Miss Edna Johnson

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3rd Grade #I 1964 Class

Front Row:  Names unknown.
Second Row: Robert Knott, next 6 unknown, Cliff Brower, John Alice.
Back Row:  Unknown students, Teacher on far right.

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2nd Grade #III 1964 Class

Front Row:  All unknown.
Second Row: Robert Knott on far left and Roy Dahlen is second from the right.  All others unknown.
Back Row:  Third from right is Jack Huey and Teacher is on far right.  All others unknown.

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1st Grade #III 1964 Class

We have not been able to identify the students in the above picture.