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1963  Class Pictures


2nd Grade 1963 Class

Front Row:  Suzi Yamamoto, Elvera Gustafson,  Ann Fogelquist, Suzanne, Kathy McCabe, Connie Hiriguchi, Kathy Habbestad.
Second Row: Marc Akyama, ?, Ron Saty, ?, Joan Hoagland, LeeAnn, last four unknown.
Third Row: Jim Rice, Dan Carson, next four unknown, John Hynman, with teacher, Mrs. Louthan on the right.


1st Grade 1963 Class

Front Row: No names for front row.
Second Row: First four unknown, fifth from left is Mary Monk, next two unknown and far right is Suzi Yamamoto.
Third Row: First on left is unknown, second from left is DeAnna Lenz and third is Jan Aylor and the last five are unknown.
Back Row: First on left is the teacher, Mrs. Peterson and second from the right is John Hynman