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1946  Class Pictures


8th Grade (Graduate Class) 1946 January Class

Front row: Jimmy Clark, Barbara Knudson, Leta Herington, Robin Melior,  Judith Ashley, Diane Goff, Dawnn Swan, Mary Wingett, Jeanne Smith, Jimmy Schimanski.
Back row: Richard Woltering, Edward McDowell, Laura Herington, Alice Lehnert, Jean Sage, Marie Franke, Muriel Cunningham, Betty Wilson, Stanley Hayes, Jack Taylor

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8 year students 1946 Jaunary Class

Front Row: Robin Melior, Mary Wingett, Diane Goff, Judy Ashley.
Back Row: Jean Sage, Marie Franke, Muriel Cunningham.


1st Grade 1946 January Class

Picture from Judith Ashley Ellis.  All students unknown.


8th Grade (Graduate Class) 1946 June Class

Front Row: Jim Culbert, ?, ?, ?, Lyle Manser, Jim Walker, next 3 unknown.
Second Row: First 3 unknown, Lila Long, ?, Patricia Booth, ?, Ruth Bernham, ?, ?.
Back Row: First 3 unknown, Mike Coyle, Larry Mack, ?, ?, Leon Stone, ?, ?, Beverly Nelson.
Graduate students are:  Ronald Amundsen, Bill Barlow, Pete Besas, Duane Bock, James Culbert, Willard Graedel, Don Havelick, Larry Mack, Lyle Manser, Richard Murray, Arnold Rongren, Lee Siewert, Leon Stone, James Walker, Bill Westby, Ruth Bernham, Patsy Boothe, Adell Grover, Charlotte Hansen, Lois Hansen, Donna Johnson, Lilace Long, Beverly Nelson, Joyce Schofield, Shirley Sorweid, Betty Steen, Patty Steward, Roberta Thompson, Phyllis Walden.  Duane Bock, James Clark and Pete Besas are not in the picture.


1st Grade 1946 June Class

Front Row: All students unknown.
Back Row: Keith Swenson, next 3 unknown, Larry Mack, Ed Simmons, last 3 unknown.


1st Grade 1946 June Class

Front Row:  H. Simmons is 5th from left and Keith Swenson 7th from left.  All others unknown.
Back Row:  Larry Mack is 7th from left and Bobby is on far right.  All others unknown.


1946 Class

Grant students who attended the 50th anniversary of their graduation from Lewis & Clark High School in 2000.
Row 1:  Judith Ashley Ellis, Dawnn Swan Eipper, ?.
Row 2: ?, Keith Swenson, ?, ?.