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1940  Class Pictures


8th Grade (Graduate Class) 1940 January Class

First Row: Doris Marks, Gerald Mueller, Wanda Blue, Herb Moline, Phyllis Mueller, Evelyn McCray – Teacher, Lucille Ludburg, Leo Alice, Gladys Weston, Robert (Bob) Thome.
2nd Row: Robert Cline, June Rehberg,Jim Gregg, Carmen Worthington, Ernie Jones, Betty Bock, Robert (Jay) Wilcox, Ruth Larson, Roy Johnson, Dorothy Hill, Donald Marks.
Back Row: Erma Thorstenson, Warren Carr, Helen Skindlov, Bill Preusse, Phyllis Ocker, Bob Pettis, Gwenetta Pilant, Vern Davis, Alene Sweet


7th Grade 1940 January Class

Front Row: Jim Gregg, Leo Alice, Roy Johnson, Ernie Jones, Gerald Mueller, Bob Thome.
2nd Row: Herb Moline, Doris Marks, Virginia Resche(?), Bob Cline, Alene Sweet, Ruth Larson, Lucille Ludberg, Phyllis Mueller, Gilbert Anderson, Carmen Worthington, Don Marks.
Back Row: ?, Bill Preusse, ?, Helen Skindlov, Nevin Nason, ?, Phyllis Ocker, Jay Wilcox, Erma Thorstenson, Wilfred Ackylmeyer(?)


Grant play in 1939, A Christmas Carol
By students from January 1940 class

Front Row: Helen Skindlov, Ruth Larson, June Rehburg, Gerald Mueller, Carman Worthington, ?, Erma Thorstenson, Dorothy Hill, Alene Sweet, Warren Carr.
Row 2: Robert Thome, Phyllis Mueller, Lucille Ludberg, Doris Marks, Roy Johnson, Jay Wilcox, Jim Gregg, Donald Marks, Gladys Weston, Robert Cline, Herby Moline.
Back Row: Ernest Jones, Phyllis Ocker, Betty Bock, Vernon Davis, Bill Preusse, Leo Alice, Wanda Blue, Gwenetta Pilant.


Fall 1939 The Highlight (school newspaper) Staff

Staff in the Fall of 1939 are: Phyllis, Ocker, Bill Preusse, Doris Ludberg, Jay Wilcox


Bill Preusse Birthday 3rd Grade 1940 January Class

April 1935, 9th birthday party for Bill Preusse:
Front Row: Don Gustafson, Roy Johnson, Bill Preusse.
Back Row: Gordon McDuffie, Jay Wilcox, Bob Thome, Randall Arnett


Pallbears  2nd Grade 1940 January Class

Second grade boys who were pallbearers for a classmate who was fatally injured while sledding from school property onto 9th Avenue.
Clive Knight, Robert Pettis, Warren Smith, Irving Marcus, Dean Scott and George Schmidt.


Summer 1939 1940 January Class

In the summer of 1939, the Chronicle had their annual baseball pitching contest and Bill Preusse was one of the winners.  The three boys were the same age, but because he was so tall, he had to throw the ball from a greater distance.
Pictured: Bill Preusse, Dick Price, Mr. Bill Ulrich, Roy Moe, Jr


Neighborhood Boys Fall 1939 1940 January Class

A group of boys from Grant who called themselves “The Arthur Street Gang” from the 500 block in the fall of 1939.
Front Row: Don Gustafson, Jim Rosenau, Bill Preusse (from the January 1940 Class).
Back Row:  Bob Bray, Bud Bates.


8th Grade (Graduate Class) 1940 June Class

Front Row: Beth Campbell, ?, Dorothy Bickett, Joan Humes,
Dorthea Benesch, Lillian Uttke, ?, ?, Rosemary More, Ruth Rogers, ?.
Second Row: Robert Lewis, Charles Henton, Harry Reed, ?, Jean Bowen, ?, Peggy Lipscomb, ?, Delores Ware, ?, Norbert Jantz, ?.
Back Row: Arnold Rosenau, ?, Stanley Kaufman, Henry Odean, Eugene Morse, Roy Gunderson, Vernon Davis, Donald Maxfield, Kermit Hoeft, ?, Roger Walton


8 year students 1940 June Class

Charles Henton, Joan Humes, Stanley Kaufman, Lillian Uttke, Roy Gunderson, Dorthea Benesch, Henry Odean, Beth Campbell, Peggy Lipscomb


 4th Grade 4A & 4B 1940 June Class

Front Row: First 5 unknown, Chester Rhett, ?, Doan Parker, ?, ?,  Adair Yonkie.
Second Row: Ralph Spring, next 5 unknown, Leslie Schofield, ?, Frances Pymm, Charles Henton, ?, Dick Smith, Don Coburn.
Back Row: ?, Marcus Ebel, Alan Reed, Dorthea Benesch, Roy Gunderson, ?, Henry Odean, Kermit Hoef, Joan Humes, ?, ?


 2nd Grade 1940 June Class

Front Row: ?, Chester Rhett, ?, Peggy Lipscomb, Jim Boge, Mary, Francis, ?, Bob Hamilton, Henry Odean.
Second Row: Frances Pymm, next 5 unknown, Beth Campbell, next 3 unknown, Kimball Wood (far right).
Back Row: Helen Skindlov, Dorthea Benesch, ?, Lillian Uttke, Roy Gunderson, Stanley Kaufman, Joan Humes, last 3 unknown